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Are you juggling the demands of your work or business with the endless commitments of family life, and feeling the weight of it all? You're not alone. Here at Stress and Wellness, we understand the unique challenges that women leaders and business owners face. Our mission is to empower you to navigate the multiple layers of stress with grace and resilience, transforming pressure into productivity and overwhelm into calm control.


As a dedicated stress consultant and business coach, I've walked the path you're on. I know the challenges of balancing passion for your business with personal life commitments. That's why I've tailored our services to resonate with your experiences, offering both group and 1-1 coaching that speaks directly to your needs.

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Stress can negatively impact your business 

Stress isn't just a personal issue; it's a business one too. It can cloud your decision-making, dampen your creativity, and ultimately, affect your bottom line. For women in business, the stakes are even higher. The blend of 'Money Stress', 'Business Stress', and 'Personal Stress' creates a unique cocktail that can lead to burnout if not addressed.

At Stress and Wellness, we don't just address stress; we transform it. Our approach is grounded in the understanding that your professional or business success and your personal well-being are intertwined. With a blend of practical and transformational coaching, we'll guide you towards not just managing stress, but mastering it.



Hi, I'm Averil and I have been working with stress and wellness for more than two decades.

I know what it's like trying to be all things to all people and feeling totally overwhelmed in the process .Parent, daughter, partner - business owner....This has been my life and I want to share some of the things I have learned along the way.


More About Me

Stress Symptoms at a Glance

Stress has become such a regular occurrence in our lives it has become Normal. We experience many of the symptoms of stress without actually acknowledging that there is anything wrong. But, left unresolved, these issues can jump from chronic stress to burnout very quickly. You owe it to yourself to acknowledge your symptoms and do something to reduce the stress in your life.
Are you experiencing any - or many of the following? 

Your Path to Stress Relief Begins Here

No matter how stress is affecting you or your business, we're here to help you untangle the Stress Mess and deliver the stress relief you need.


Free Private Consultation

It all starts with having a quiet conversation to discuss your stress issues both personal and business and how we can help you 


Stress Buster Session

Take a few hours out just for you. This personalized session will identify the causes of stress and offer immediate relief


1-1 Coaching

Get stress under control once and for all. Focus on creating a stress management plan that will reduce and even eliminate stress

Sue G.

"Averil gave me a very simple yet effective relaxation technique which I put into place immediately I felt anxiety. It really, really worked!"

Helen M. 

"I needed someone to talk to and get professional help for the issues I was having. Averil was just that and much more. She has made me a much happier and stronger person and has taught me some life long lessons that I would never ever forget. Thank you Averil for all your help, I appreciate everything you have done for me"

Marie S. 

"I was so overwhelmed with all the tasks around my new business and just life in general.  Averil came equipped with a variety of different tools to help me identify my goals and break through a few barriers. I didn’t realize that my anxiety has been snowballing ever since I was young. I now feel a lot more grounded, productive and positive and spend less time stressing out.

It's Your Time... 

If you're ready to turn the tide on stress, to not just survive but thrive in both your personal and professional life, we're here to guide you. 

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